Mt. Rainier in April


Mount Rainier is a beautiful place to visit if weather permits.

Last Saturday was 45 º F a little chilly but sunny – just right for us to enjoy the view and let kids play in the snow.



Keep in that they have a separate address for GPS

Mailing Address
(This is not the GPS address for the Paradise Inn or National Park Inn)
Rainier Guest Services, LLC
PO Box 108
55106 Kernahan Road E.
Ashford, WA  98304
Phone 360.569.2400

GPS address for the Nisqually Entrance to the park below: 

39000 State Route 706 E
Ashford, WA  98304
The National Park Inn is located 6 miles inside the Nisqually Entrance and the Paradise Inn is located 19 miles inside the entrance.



From Seattle to Elbe/Ashford:

  • Take I-5 South to Exit 127 off I-5 to SR 512 E
  • Take SR 512 E to SR 7
  • Head South on 7 to Elbe and SR 706
  • Take SR 706 E to Ashford

From Tacoma/Olympia to Elbe/Ashford:

  • Take Exit 127 off I-5 to SR 512 E
  • Take SR 512 E to SR 7
  • Head South on 7 to Elbe and SR 706
  • Take SR 706 E to Ashford

From Portland to Elbe/Ashford:

  • Take I-5 North to US 12, Exit 68
  • Take 12 E to Morton and SR 7
  • Take SR 7 North to Elbe and SR 706
  • Take SR 706 East to Ashford

Ashford to Longmire/Paradise:

  • Follow SR 706 E towards Mount Rainier


  1. Check the weather update (it was 45 – 50 last weekend)
  2. Wear proper clothing (It’s not summer yet! lol!)
  3. There’s an entrance fee of $20

We didn’t hike all the way up but will definitely come back on summer. Overall, Mt.Rainier is a must visit place on anyone’s trip to Seattle. Just fair warning that it will take an entire day to do. So load up on lunch and take yourself and/or the family and enjoy nature here. Definitely recommended for your travels to Seattle and its vicinity.



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Tulips at RoozenGarde

Spring is a wonderful time of the year for fresh Spring Flowers, particularly tulips. Tulips means Love and Passion 

March 26 – It was fine afternoon (58 – 60 temperature) while some are busy with egg hunting and easter party, we decided to see the tulip fields, but before we left we had to make sure which farm were open that day.

We called RoozenGarde to make sure that they are open on easter. The lady on the phone informed us that they are and she even suggested route to avoid traffic.

So we left around 2:00 in the afternoon then arrived at Mt. Vernon at around 4:00 PM. Though it took us a little over 2 hrs drive, still the worth it! Definitely a must see this spring time!

*Pointers to consider*

  • Entrance fee of $10 each (they accept cash,check,debit and credit)
  • Wear proper clothing (muddy and marshy)
  • Parking is Free (Private Lot)


12915041_1233324113346201_1042881941_o12919344_1233322813346331_516494965_owho can beat the perfect photo-op that is their big wooden windmill? (with your special someone, is a bonus!) 🙂


or maybe do a jump shot! 😛 (forgot my broomstick! Hahaha!)





Meet my travel buddy, Cherrie! 🙂


Tulips means Love and Passion – check out the many color of tulips and it’s meaning here


Come visit Roozengaarde Display Garden & Store, this is THE place I have to stop at every year.

  • 15867 Beaver Marsh Rd
    Mount Vernon, WA 98273


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Day Trip to Forks, WA

It was a long overdue – since my childhood friend was on town last February, it was just a good timing to visit Forks. We were so excited to see the actual town where author Stephenie Meyer based her Twilight saga novels.

Here are some of the pointers you have to consider before you visit one of the rainiest city in United States. (<– fact! :P)

  1. Check the weather here
  2.  Click here for a Twilight map of Forks
  3. Dress comfortably and don’t forget to wear you favorite rain boots. I wore my MK brown rain boots – best decision!


We drove up to Forks on a Sunday – around 6:00 in the morning.

This is how the road looked like for miles and miles. Twilight feels! Just FYI 😉


I’ve done some research and they say it’s best to start the tour at  Forks Visitor Center  (image below)

We arrived at Forks around 10:30 am and the center opened at 11:00

Time for pictures, while waiting (my favorite part!)

Don’t forget to take a picture at the “Welcome to Forks” sign (At one point, the

“3rd most photographed sign in the US”)

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 11.12.07 AM

inside Forks Chamber of Commerce, get some flyers or booklet like this for your reference

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 11.23.22 AM

remember Bella’s old truck?

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 11.00.13 AMDSCF5749

DISCLAIMER: Twilight tourist map in the real town of Forks are not the ones from the film, though they say some parts in the movie was filmed in Port Angeles and Hoh Rainforest but not mainly in Forks. It was all Forks residents interpretation Stephen Meyer’s BOOK version .

Here are some of the photos from our trip

Side Trip to La Push

624_10153790131246265_8064601064993805313_n-2Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 10.59.20 AMDSCF5783

Roadtrip to Forks

Our journey to Forks 💭 this city brings back “the feels” 8yrs since Twilight movie? #onlytwilightfanswillgetit 

#cityofforks #pnw #valentineswithedward #feelingnostalgic


You can also check their Facebook page

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Tubing at Snoqualmie Pass (Jan 2016)

This place is a must go! We were here last week of January 2016
It was such a awesome time for my friends and family
Beautifully nestled in the Great Northwest. Washington is just BEAUTIFUL!

Pointers to remember:

  • It is advisable to purchase tickets in advance link here
  • They go by time batches now to prevent overcrowding. Recommend 9am as lots of parking. sign your liabilty form ahead of time, its faster.
  • Proper attire
  • Be careful if you choose to walk up as it can get slipper

For your other concerns, check out their FAQ’s


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Christmas Day in Leavenworth 2015

late post*

Just a 3-hour drive from Seattle, Leavenworth makes for a great weekend getaway.

With multiple breweries, wineries, stores, and restaurants there is plenty to do for a weekend.  If you plan your trip accordingly, there is usually a festival going on to add a little excitement to the usual Leavenworth trip (Oktoberfest and the Tree Lighting Ceremony around the holiday season, being a couple of the largest).

you can refer to a lot of things to do in Leavenworth here